• 2 - 4 July 2020
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Interview with Jayant Rajan, India, South Asia and ASEAN Armacell India Pvt. Ltd.
General Manager
India, South Asia and ASEAN Armacell India Pvt. Ltd.

Tell us about your company and product profile?
Armacell India Pvt. Ltd. is the Indian arm of Armacell GmbH, the world leaders in HVAC insulation industry. Armacell has been present in India since 1999 and in view of the emerging market in India; a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was set up in Pune, India in the year 2005. Since then, Armacell India Pvt. Ltd. has been the leader and trend-setter in the Indian market. Armacell’s insulation materials are designed for both new and existing installations. Armacell India develops products for use in a broad range of end-markets including construction, pharmaceuticals, process, residential, transportation/automotive and sports & leisure.

How isArmacell handling the current COVID-19 crisis?
As we work to mitigate risks associated with the spread of COVID-19, our top priority is the health and safety of our stakeholders – including our employees, partners and customers.

Armacell operates a global business with approximately 3,150 employees and 24 production plants in 16 countries. In these testing times, we implemented structures and measures to maintain operations, production and supplies, and continue delivering our equipment insulation and core foam products to our customers.We closely work with the local authorities and follow the guidelines of the relevant governments and the World Health Organisation. This includes the potential temporary closure for some of our manufacturing facilities. Armacell maintains good inventory levels across its product portfolio and we continue to ensure supply for our global customer base. We are closely monitoring the evolving situation and will apply additional measures where and when appropriate.

Interview with Animesh Pathak, Kool Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Sales & Marketing Manager
Kool Solutions India Pvt Ltd

How your company is dealing with the existing COVID-19 crisis?
When such news took a centerstage, we swung into action RIGHT in time. We are a BRC Certified (Grade A), URSA Certified and EIA (EU) approved cold store operator and we ensure 100% quality of our facility, customers’ products and staff round the year. Since February 2020, we have proactively followed procedures and guidelines set by Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The intention is to care for our staff and community as well as our customer products. Firstly, we educated our staff about Coronavirus and the necessary precautions and measures one needs to take with respect to one’s safety and material handling. The frequency of washing and sanitizing the facility was increased compared to previous times and a strict hygiene routine was implemented both inside & outside the freezer rooms. We also implemented a strict control on the incoming driver movement and truck driving wheel sanitization process.We regularly have a routine health checkup of all our staff and other visitors at the entry gate of the facility. We have covered other aspects as well like essential service pass for few staff to travel to the facility, staying arrangements of our staff at the facility, setting up of a control tower to contact senior management at any point, keep diesel genset 100% full all the time.

How is your company contributing in the storage and supply of perishable items?
As notified by the Government of India, cold storage warehousing and transportation are under essential services and hence, we are OPEN. In this extreme times , we also do realize that we need to support our customers and we remain open to service our customers and ensure food deliveries happen from our warehouse, thanks to absolute dedication of our team.We are serving our customers in the same way like we did before. We have taken all the necessary precautions as per Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and ensure strict social distancing of people. We see an increased demand for food and essentials from our customers and we make sure that there is no supply disruption during the nationwide lockdown.

How is your company supporting to the cold storage, reefer transport companies with your services?
Kool Solutions India has warehousing solutions to cover the complete spectrum of frozen, chilled and blast freezing capabilities with temperatures ranging from -25°C to +20°C. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure meets strict international standards on food safety and hygiene. We are equipped with battery-operated reach trucks and forklifts for handling of all product. Our most-advanced Warehouse Management System (“WMS”) ensures accurate inventory management and error-free operations. We offer a barcode-based inventory system with on-line customer access to the inventory and stock management at all the times. We also operate an off-site redundant backup system in Toronto, Canada which is capable of storing two years of data on every product handled and stored at our warehouse in Taloja. This allows the retrieval of any data for a particular product in case of product recall through our advanced WMS system. We are responsive to our customers’ requirement and understand the complexity of supply chains & just-in time delivery. We offer primary & secondary transportation to customers through our channel partners and assist in managing the distribution network from factory to end customer.