• 22 - 25 July 2022
  • Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Advantages of Fiber Laser cutting

With the advent of Fiber Optic technology, several technological advancements have been witnessed, one of the most prominent being its ability to transfer information faster and in larger quantities than ever before. Furthermore, this technology has been used to revolutionise laser cutting technology. The fiber optic cabling is capable of producing a light of 200% more effective than CO2 lasers. Moreover, fiber laser cutting boasts several advantages over conventional cutting methods. Scroll down to lean about the top advantages of fiber laser cutting

  1. Compact design- Fiber laser technology can be far more condensed than conventional lasers. With their compact designs, fiber lasers are much more space-efficient than CO2 lasers.


  2. Cost-effective and requires less maintenance- Fiber lasers are also more energy-efficient when compared to CO2 lasers. As a result, fiber lasers have a lower production cost and increased life expectancy (due to reduced energy requirements). Also, it is noted that fiber lasers are more cost-effective as they require far less maintenance. Since fiber lasers do not have any moving parts they do not need to be taken offline for repairs or replacements, wasting valuable production time and resources.
  3. Can cut different materials- One major drawback of conventional laser cutting technology is that the beam can bounce of reflective surfaces of certain materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper, eventually damaging the cutting equipment. When we consider fiber lasers, they have a shorter wavelength that allows them to slice through reflective materials without any risk of damaging the laser itself.
  4. Faster Cutting Speed- Fiber lasers are known to offer faster cutting speed and precision because of the incredible powerful beam produced using fiber optic technology. When cutting a straight line 1mm thick, a fiber-based laser cuts three times faster than traditional lasers. When cutting through thicker materials the difference in cutting speeds begins to drop, but fiber-based lasers is still always ahead of conventional lasers.


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