• 26-27 November 2021
  • BEC, Mumbai

Flange fasteners market is expected to grow at a steady pace

A flange fastener is a nut, screw, or bolt that comes with a wide flange at one end which is designed to act as a non-spinning and integrated washer. Wide flange helps to distribute the pressure while fixing and spinning the nut. Mostly, flange fasteners are hexagonal in shape and are made up of stainless steel, titanium, steel and metal. These types of fasteners are without coating or if coated, phosphate & oil, yellow zinc, and zinc is used for coating. Flange fasteners are used in manufacturing parts of equipment, which demand safety and high reliability.

Size of flange fasteners may vary based on its use, application, best fit, type, and thread range. The flange fasteners market is expected to witness significant growth due to increasing use in manufacturing industries. In addition, increasing implementation of total productive maintenance and good practices in different industries are anticipated to drive the global flange fasteners market in the near future.

The flange fasteners market is predicted to expand at a steady pace in the coming years. Manufacturing sector in Asia Pacific region is growing, which is further driving growth in the flange market. The major factor driving the global flange fasteners market is expanding mechanisation in industrial and residential construction. Serrated nuts are suitable for irregular and oversized shaped holes as flange covers an entire bearing surface. Hence, increasing demand for flange nuts and bolts are expected to propel the market. In addition, surging demand for highly efficient and eco-friendly products is anticipated to create lucrative opportunity for the flange fasteners market in the next few years.

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