• 17-18-19 December 2020
  • India Expo Mart, Gr. Noida, Delhi - NCR

Warehousing within city limits- A big opportunity for real estate in the post-Covid era

The world is going to change in the post-COVID era. Most of the industries across nations are undergoing dramatic changes to survive these trying times. Sectors such as warehousing and logistics are expected to evolve in order to adapt to the newly imposed physical boundaries. Scroll down to learn about role of real estate and how major changes will come into play!

  • 1. Multi-level warehouses within city limits may well be Indian real estate’s next big opportunity in a market completely transformed by the coronavirus pandemic
  • 2. The surge in e-commerce and its further growth in the post-COVID world can kick-start demand for tech-enabled multi-storey warehousing
  • 3. With uncertainties in the post-pandemic future hoovering over the retail sector, key players may now need multi-level warehouses within city limits to service cities
  • 4. Besides facilitating maximum land utilisation in big cities like Mumbai, multi-storey warehousing can help companies to reduce transportation costs and improve delivery time. Moreover, with the help of technology, such options can replace multiple single-storey warehouses on the city peripheries and thus save on overall operational and occupancy costs
  • 5. Fast delivery is an integral requirement for the seamless omni-channel strategy of e-commerce players. In a scenario like this, retailers will be under pressure to find warehousing locations close to their customer base further driving demand of locally built warehouses

The demand of warehousing in other sectors such as engineering and manufacturing, and third-party logistics is further boosting its growth. The world is changing and businesses are going to adapt to sustain any more future adversities.

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