• 17-18-19 December 2020
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Warehousing in India flourishes amidst rising demand

Warehousing market in India is expected to an estimated $ 12.2 billion in 2020 to $ 19.5 billion by 2025, according market research report by Reporterlinker.

In the wake of covid-19, there has been a surge in e-commerce activity further boosting demand of warehousing. There are several other significant reasons increasing demand of warehousing sector.

Key reasons to drive warehousing market growth

  1. 1. India’s growing manufacturing, retail, FMCG and logistics sectors is driving demand of warehousing sector.
  2. 2. New government policies such as establishment of logistic parks and free trade warehouse zones is expected to the foster market growth through 2025.
  3. 3. GST introduction has reduced inventory and turnaround time, further leading to the removal of check points thereby diminishing state boundaries.
  4. 4. In the coming years, technological advancements such as advent of AI, IoT, 3D printing, among others, in the warehousing industry is further expected to create lucrative opportunities.
  5. 5. Emergence of third part logistics and supergrid logistics is further expected to fuel the market growth during the forecast period.
  6. 6. The coronavirus pandemic will have a short-term impact on warehousing demand due to reduced manufacturing activities. In addition, it will make the warehousing industry more resilient due to the shifting consumer preference from offline mode of shopping to online in order to follow social distancing norms.

Key trends in warehousing in the coming years

Based on type

Warehousing market can be segmented into general, specialty and refrigerated. It is expected that refrigerated segment will witness significant growth owing to the rising demand for such warehouses for storing perishable food items and ensuring food safety.

Based on usage

Warehousing market can be divided into single and co-warehousing segments. The co-warehousing segment is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. This is owing to the increasing demand for last mile distribution and growing shift towards co-warehousing among manufacturers, suppliers, logistic companies and start-ups. In addition, co-warehousing provides flexible storage that can help businesses meet their needs and give them a better control over their budgets.

Amid the economic slowdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Warehousing is going to emerge as the most robust sector further generating many new opportunities for related sectors.  Tradeshows like India Warehousing Show 2020 offer an excellent networking platform to ride on this growth.

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