• 07-09 October, 2021
  • Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Interview with Mr. Moti Hassanandani, Director, Ace Heat Tech

1. As a market leader in the packaging/converting sector what’s your strategy on make in India and serve the world?

We, ACE HEAT TECH, would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality infrared heaters. There are many sub sectors in packaging industry like Pet Bottles manufacturing, manufacturing of Thermoforming/ Vacuum Forming trays, printing for coating and ink drying, lamination industry etc. It is liable that these industries will need some sort of infrared heaters like Short Wave, Medium Wave or Ceramic Infrared heaters and we, ACE HEAT TECH, with our 25 years of expertise are serving these industries quite profoundly and with successful R & D projects. Moreover, we are hiring new talented engineers from our nation since they have a future oriented mind-set and with our expert and experienced team of Engineers, we are trying to globalise our industrial heater market.

2. Which markets to you foresee to offer more growth once the post the COVID-19 situation improves? How will buyers in India respond to expansion and investments in your technology?

We always try to participate in Exhibitions as much as possible. We participate in B2B tradeshow since we get to meet much diverse people and always learn from them. We showcase the type of heaters we deal in and the projects that we have successfully developed. As the pandemic ends, our team is excited to participate in exhibitions, to visit packaging and other industries and serve the nation again with our rich expertise in industrial heater market.

3. What were some of the important measures you took to get back from lockdown and how did you serve you clients despite challenges of the lockdown?

We started working from home on the initial stage like contacting our existing clients to get feedback from them about the projects and the heaters that we have supplied to them. In the mid stage, as per the government guidelines, we started working on 25% staff and by keeping social distancing in mind we were trying to work as efficiently as possible and still we tried to satisfy our clients as much as possible. The only part which we were missing was to visit our existing and new clients personally as we like to serve them as satisfactory as possible but unfortunately due to pandemic situation we could not do so.

4. COVID-19 has thrown multiple challenges to manufacturers. What are some of the new innovations that has made this challenge into an opportunity?

Surely there were some difficult but not impossible challenges that all the manufacturing industry has suffered. However, since we as Indians like to accept the challenges fruitfully and we are known for so called ‘JUGAAD’ we did not leave a single opportunity to sustain in market and bring new innovations. We did a month of R&D to bring an innovative product in the market, but Indian market is too adaptive and fast and there were already many competitors in the market for products like mask, UV disinfection box, separation film in cars, autos etc. So we went other way round and tried to supply raw materials used for making these products. Through our sister concern, APEX QUARTZ we supplied Quartz plates and tubes which are used in UV disinfection box and other UV products and we targeted the same sector. Finally, we were successful in doing so.

5. How do you compare B2B exhibitions in India and abroad especially with events in Germany and China? Do you see India emerging as the go to destinations of Converting/Packaging event?

It is not surprising that the exhibitions in Germany and China are much advanced when it comes to packaging industry, but according to our experience, India is growing at a faster pace every year. We all are aware India could be next IT hub and we should look forward to implement and integrate the bright talents of IT sector into the packaging industry. For example, Implementing Artificial Intelligence is possible almost anywhere and totally automating the process we can convert the packaging industry into an entirely automated plant with much less errors and much optimum production lines, by implementing Internet of Things (IoT) we can increase the life of machineries and reduce possible errors in production lines.

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