• 07-09 October, 2021
  • Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Mr. Abhishek Jain

1. Mahaveer group has developed paper cup machinery, please provide details on the same?

At Mahaveer Group, we have developed a Paper Cup Making Machine which works at a speed of 70 Cups Per Minute. We aimed to manufacture a machine that is known for its consistent performance with quality output. MG - 0070i and MG - 0070 are the two models of this machine. The MG - 0070i model equipped with an HMI and PLC system is an advanced variant, and MG - 0070 model equipped with VFDs is another variant. We focused on developing a technology that gives quality output with less wastage of material. These machines are designed in a way to reduce the cycle time of the maintenance procedure. We are developing more high-speed paper cup making and paper disposables making machines in India. All mechanical parts are designed and manufactured by us at our facilities in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Few electronic components are being procured, and we have opted for the best available technology in the world. We have installed more than 50 machines and also exported these machines to the Middle East. We have invested in teams and facilities to do extensive research and development to develop more paper disposable making machinery. By April 2021 we will launch a Paper Cup Making Machine with the speech of 120 Cups Per Minute, this will be the first of its kind of a machine being manufactured in India. We are receiving overwhelming responses from customers, and our vision is to make more efficient machines for the disposable manufacturing industry.

2. What kind of industries and clients are you serving currently?

We are majorly dealing with the disposable manufacturers and market. MahaveerDispotech Private Limited is the unit for manufacturing Paper Disposable making machines. We are selling these machines to the Paper Disposable Manufacturers worldwide. Mahaveer Poly Pack is the unit for manufacturing Plastic Disposables and food packing materials like High-Grade PP Glasses, PP Containers, etc. These products are supplied to distributors and dealers in various parts of India. Bikaji and similar brands are our customers for PP containers and multi-section food packing plates used for packing the Thali food. At Parshwanath Industries, we are making Paper Cups, Paper Plates, Paper Bowls, etc. These products are being sold to the distributors and dealers in the market directly. Here, we are also making raw material like Paper Reel, Paper Cup Blanks (Fans), Paper Cup Bottom Reel, for paper cup making industries. We are dealing with the sellers, manufacturers, and end customers for Plastic and Paper disposables.

3. How has the paper converting industry changed during the recent times and how have to modified your product offering and approach?

During and post COVID-19, the paper industry has been influenced severely. The demand for paper disposables has increased. People are preferring the hygienic wayof food consumption when they are out of home and this has led to high demand for paper disposables. Consumers along with the government are now more focused to reduce the use of plastic. Paper is the most convenient alternative to replace any kind of plastic disposables. New products of paper disposable are being introduced in the market. We are already in the process of developing efficient machines which can produce good quality paper disposables. High demand has led to an increase in raw material prices. Thus the price of the end product has also increased but marginally.

4. What are the new products you have developed during Covid-19 period?

To meet the high demand for N-95 masks, PPE Kits, and other protective equipment, we launched a line of Environment Safety products. This includes N-95 Masks, PPE Kits, and Face Shields. We manufactured these products on a good scale and supplied them to the market. We utilized thisdowntime during Covid-19 to strengthen our R&D team and facilitiesfor the MDPL Unit where we are now manufacturing the paper disposable makingmachines.

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