• 2 - 4 July 2020
  • India Expo Mart, Greater Noida

Key technologies to redefine the future of Cold Chain

There is a slew of new technologies, which when absorbed in the Cold Chain are going to trigger a huge transformation. The few cracks visible in the cold chain, hampering the growth of the industry in India will be filled by the implementation of the technologies stated below further increasing the efficiency of logistics processes throughout the food supply chain. Scroll down to understand them better!

Food Tracking
Making use of tracker technologies like GPS, companies can track down the food source and also get proper evidence on how food remains fresh from the farm to fork, indirectly helping in creating a competitive edge by building the authenticity of their brand.

Real-Time Data
Retailers can ensure the quality of fresh foods in while they are being transported by maintaining the unbroken temperature control. By implementing the use of IoT devices cloud-based software applications, refrigerated cargo containers can be monitored and tracked down remotely.

Blockchain Meets Cold Chain
Blockchain is information comprising of a digital database, which can help in creating a more transparent route for fresh foods. With new technologies being gradually absorbed, retailers are trying to find a way to change this data into marketing messaging to get more loyal customers.

Next-Generation AI based Cold Chain logistics
Smart technologies in logistics are turning out to be a major focus within supply chain management as faster and more accurate shipping reduces lead times and transportation expenses. The application of AI into supply chain related tasks holds high potential in fixing the gap in the cold chain.

With new government schemes and initiatives, things are going to get much easier for the cold chain sector in India. Furthermore, platforms such as All India Cold Chain Seminar 2020 are going to create many new business opportunities further enabling growth. All India Cold Chain Seminar 2020 is India’s oldest seminar-cum-exhibition converging the entire cold chain under one roof. This year the show will be held in Greater Noida at a newly built world-class exhibition centre, India Expo Center and Mart from 2-4 July 2020.

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