• 26-27 November 2021
  • BEC, Mumbai

India plans to set electronics commission to reduce dependency of manufacturers on China

The recent India-China border unrest along with the COVID-19 pandemic, is giving fillip to domestic manufacturing. India is hoping to become the next manufacturing hub as global brands are looking to shift from China. Recently, Apple has started making its iPhone 11 at the Foxconn plant near Chennai further giving boost to ‘Make in India’ initiative.

In order to reduce dependency on China for electronics manufacturing, India is finalising a proposal to set up an Electronics Commission. The commission would push electronics manufacturing in the country by removing roadblocks and hand-holding companies to speed up growth.

The independent commission on electronics would see to the growth of electronics manufacturing from the foundry-onward stage. It would also ensure that the government's proposed incentives to set up large scale manufacturing units in India are given a boost. The commission would also aim to transform India into an export hub for electronics.

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