• 23-24-25 October, 2021
  • India Expo Mart, Gr Noida, Delhi - NCR

Interview with Mr. Gautam Sharma, Shyam Enterprises

Tell us about your company and product profile?
Shyam Enterprises is one the leading manufacturer of corrugation pasting gum powder, modified starch, and paper gums. Our production capacity per month is over 800 MT. Lead by Chemical Engineer and IITian, we are proud to have a state of art laboratory facilities and production lines. We started our production plant in 2003 at Jaipur, Rajasthan with 150 MT capacity. Due to our strong development team and facilities, we have brought many high-quality products like neutral gums, automatic plant adhesives in the market ahead of our peers. We provide service facilities for PAN India to our customers.

Which products are you displaying at IndiaCorr Expo 2020?

We will be displaying an array of products at this colossal platform. The product range would include
Pasting Gum Powder (All Ratios), Corrugation Gum Powder (All Ratios), Automatic Gum Powder, Pasting Corrugation Gum Powder, Paper Tube/Core Gum and Paper Cone Gum.

What are your target markets and which industries are the relevant buyers?
We are targeting Northern, Central & Western India based corrugated boxes and paper industry customers. And, when it comes about buyers - manufacturers of corrugated boxes, paper tubes and core are relevant customers for us.

How do shows like IndiaCorr Expo help in enabling the industry growth?
Exhibitions like IndiaCorr Expo create a platform to avail opportunity to connect with relevant customers and learn about recent market trends, innovation technologies and solutions.

How are your company and brand dealing with the existing COVID-19 crisis?
We have advised our staff at administrative office to work from home. Our production staff is working in shifts. We have educated our workforce about good practices such as social distancing and also made soaps sanitizers available to them.

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