• 23-24-25 October, 2021
  • India Expo Mart, Gr Noida, Delhi - NCR

3 packaging innovations spurring e-commerce growth and success

We all know how the impact of COVID-19 has led to surge in online shopping and e-commerce activities. Also, amid the raging pandemic more and more customers prefer to shop online and avoid crowded places like brick and mortar stores further boosting demand of packaging in e-commerce. Furthermore, innovation in packaging is enabling growth in e-commerce sector. Scroll down to learn about 3 key innovations in packaging playing a pivotal role in fostering growth.

  1. 1. Carton Optimisation

    As per research conducted by DHL Supply Chain, it was found that on average 24% of the volume of an e-commerce package is empty space. Shippers are in a constant struggle to maximize fill density due to all of the other factors that must be considered.  The solution to this persistent problem is use of technology-based approach. With the use of carton optimisation algorithms combined with an on-demand approach to packaging within the distribution centre can help brands and retailers produce the right package for each shipment. This will enable in decreasing transportation costs, minimising waste, and ensuring the safety of the product.

  2. 2.Recyclable & Sustainable Packaging

    Presently, E-commerce sustainability goal that has been deployed is use of recyclable packaging. With rising awareness and increasing plastic waste, e-commerce companies are shifting to recyclable materials like paper and corrugated boxes for shipping products. Many e-commerce biggies like Amazon and Flipkart are already using recyclable materials in order to cut down the use of plastic in their packaging to drive sustainability.

  3. 3. Packaging Management

    Fulfillment, packaging and transportation are tightly connected processes and minor changes such as packaging size and design can impact the packaging performance significantly. Deploying an end-to-end approach to packaging ensures that the impact of every change on the entire process is fully considered. Packaging is one of the most integral processes within e-commerce fulfillment, affecting everything from transportation costs to the customer experience. E-commerce companies can make use of holistic approach when it comes to packaging, and implement the use of latest technologies in design and management, which will help in removing obstacles and further develop packaging that improves sustainability, lowers costs, and delivers the desired customer experience. 

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