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Acme Machinery achieves a milestone, sellsfive hundreds units of its high-speed fingerless single facer paper corrugation machine

Mumbai-based Acme Machinery is a manufacturer of corrugation machines, grocery paper bags machines, exercise notebooks manufacturing machines, packaging and print finishing machines. The company recently achieved a milestone by selling over five hundreds units of its high-speed fingerless single facer paper corrugation machine.

The first model of the machine was launched in 2012. After five years, in 2017, an upgraded version with a speed of 150-mtr/min was launched. The corrugation machine comes in three variants-SF270, SF320 and SF380.

There are certain features, which make the machine superior than its older version. It has a positive suction unit, eliminating the conventional brass fingers (adaptor) the entire set that needed to be replaced every 30 days. This characteristic also helped cut down on downtime. In view of the Indian market another important change which was implemented was setting up of motorised glue gauge control that saves the setting time for every changeover of paper decal from 20-min to 20-seconds. Furthermore, manual setting wheels was replaced with automatic pneumatic setting.

The machine has been designed to go around with Indian market requirements with more jobs changeovers, variables in gsm and decal of paper. Moreover, the company is targeting the entire industry for its high-speed fingerless single facer paper corrugation machine.

Prominent characteristics of high-speed fingerless single facer paper corrugation machine

There are a slew of reasons making it one of the best machines available such as the compression strength of carton when produced goes up by 18 to 20%. Glue consumption goes down by 8%, also, it gives excellent surface finish. The changeover setting time is just a few seconds, which helps convert more number of jobs per day. The other USPs of the machineincludes its robustness, quality output at low production cost, and prompt after-sales services.

The machine boasts chrome or tungsten-coated corrugated roll from graded steel material, heavy duty bearing blocks, specially engraved glue applicator roll, heavy side-cast iron frames, strong base and suction unit. It can produce 125 to 300-tonnes of corrugation per month per shift. The machine is available in different sizes 52-, 62-, 72-, 82- and 102-inches sizes and is extremely user-friendly with company providing after excellent sales service.

Where can you find these machines?

The great thing about tradeshows are that it unites the industry and brings it together under a single roof. With hundreds of top corrugators from all across the globe converging, one can find latest products, solutions and technologies covering entire the corrugated boxes and packaging industry. IndiaCorr Expo 2020 is an excellent platform which offers buyers to meet quality equipment suppliers, machineries and solution providers.

The current global health crisis on your mind!

Well, the prevailing health crisis is certainly making us think twice before we start making plans for business travel, however, there is nothing like hope. China, the epicentre of the pandemic is already on the road of recovery with no new local cases. Therefore, the present situation is grim but the future looks bright.

This too shall pass.

IndiaCorr Expo is scheduled from 30 September- 2 October, 2020, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

We hope to see you all.

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