• 23-24-25 October, 2021
  • India Expo Mart, Gr Noida, Delhi - NCR

Interview with Ramiro Prats, Marketing Director, Boix Maquinaria S.L.

  1. 1. Tell us about your company and product profile?

    Boix is your box forming partner!

    Boix is high standard manufacture for tray forming machines since the end of the sixties. They have a wide product range in tray formers which can be used to form and glued both corrugated and solid board packaging. Their tray forming machines can be used for various industries like the agriculture, cardboard, food and industry market. Boix has already more than 45 years of experience in these markets which has been supported by their continuous investment in R+D and high service level at their headquarters in Spain and other offices in Europe, Asia, North-Central and South America to supply the world. Boix is worldwide leader in tray erecting machines for the food industry and agriculture markets with more than 8.500 machines spread over 83 countries. Boix is very proud to have their own state of the art factory in San Isidro, Alicante in Spain with their own galvanisation baths, steel processing hall and high standards assembly line to provide and guaranty the customer the best quality of tray forming machines. Customers choose us because of the high quality and reliable machinery besides the low maintenance costs and high service level.

  2. 2. Which products are you displaying at IndiaCorr Expo 2020?

    We will be showcasing Boix Q-1530 Tray forming machine at IndiaCorr Expo 2020. Find more information about the products on our website.

    https://www.boix.es/en/products/machines/models/quality/q-1530/; https://www.boix.es/en/products/

    The Q-1530 is the new version of the Q-1500, equipped with the latest features such as remote access, a higher production capacity, even more user-friendliness and several new program settings. The Q-1530 can be adapted easily and quickly to various tray design formats of corrugated board. The machine has 6 speeds and a production between 1.000 and 1.800 trays per hour. This machine can be used in a Stand-alone situation as in an inline Production. The Q-1530 is a compact machine and loading of blanks is done automatically from the feeding system.

  3. 3. What are your target markets and which industries are the relevant buyers?

  4. 4. How do shows like IndiaCorr Expo help in enabling the industry growth?

    IndiaCorr Expo give us the opportunity to make discover and connect with international board manufacturers sector, as well as, to show our tray forming machines and solutions.  

5. How is your company and brand dealing with the existing COVID-19 crisis?

We are continuing to actively maintain our production output and customary local and long distance customer service standards in all countries. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice or request you may need us to answer via https://www.boix.es/en/.

In accordance with Royal Decree Law 10/2020 and protected by the exception indicated in point 5 of the RDA annex, Boix Maquinaria is considered an indispensable business for lending expert services to the manufacturing industry’s production activities by offering the necessary supplies, teams and materials for the expert development of essential activities. We are a key manufacturer of machines that make corrugated and compact cardboard boxes for the quality chain of supplies for the agriculture, food, pharmaceutical and general industries.

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