• 23-24-25 October, 2021
  • India Expo Mart, Gr Noida, Delhi - NCR

Interview with Mr. Seiji Shirao, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems Ltd.

1. Tell us about your company and product profile?
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems Ltd. Printing & Packaging Machinery are the leading manufacturer of box making machine and Corrugating machine in the world. Since, its launch in the market in 2003, our world renowned Flexo folder gluer "EVOL" series has continued to meet various requirements of our customers. Over 450 EVOLs have been delivered worldwide and the number of installation is increasing month by month. EVOL is a name that affirms our commitment to advancing in step with our customers.

2. Which products are you displaying at IndiaCorr Expo 2020
We will be displaying EVOL, renowned Flexo folder gluer at IndiaCorr Expo 2020. The various features, which sets it apart are:

  1. High quality, high production, reliability, and operator-friendly machine.
  2. Evolution for the next stage of operational excellence for our customers.
  3. Stable feeding by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems's original zig-zag arranged lead edge feeder.
  4. High printing quality utilizing a one piece transfer conveyor belt and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems's own chamber doctor blade system.
  5. High quality folding accuracy with taper arrangement of gauge rollers.
  6. Max speed production on AB flute at 10 boxes/bundle by an innovative counter ejector.
  7. Easy operation and short-time set up by touch panel control and auto test printing mode.

3. What are your target markets and which industries are the relevant buyers?
Our market is rapidly growing Indian corrugated box manufacturing industry. As more and more Indian corrugated box manufacturers are recognizing that the high folding accuracy with very high speed as well as a high productivity are the key factors for the strict requirement of their end users.

4. How do shows like IndiaCorr Expo help in enabling the industry growth?
Shows like IndiaCorr Expo greatly help the customers to understand the latest technology and products. Also, business platforms like these provide equipment suppliers like us a best opportunity to know and communicate with the customers.

5. How are your company and brand dealing with the existing COVID-19 crisis?
Currently, we have a very severe and difficult situation around the world due to Covid-19 pandemic situation. However, the corrugated board industry is a fundamental infrastructure in the society and our contribution to the world is to provide our best support to the industry as much as we can.

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