• 23-24-25 October, 2021
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Folding Carton Packaging- Safety, sustainability & design spurring its demand

In the current scenario, sustainability and safety are major trends observed in the folding carton packaging market. With a strong inclination towards shift from plastic to paperboard and paper cartons is driving their growth. Folding cartons are one of the most used eco-friendly solutions in packaging due to its ability to be produced in many sizes with a small footprint, when compared to other packaging options, thus making it easy for use in most of the end-user industries.

Why is packaging industry shifting towards paper?

According to the study, The Lancet Microbe revealed how long the COVID-19 virus lasts on various common surfaces. The researchers behind the new study tested the virus' life span in a 71-degree-Fahrenheit room at 65% relative humidity. After three hours, the virus had disappeared from printing and tissue paper. It was concluded that it survives only for few hours on paper.

Significant market trends in folding carton packaging

1. The growth in the folding carton packaging market is attributed to the continued and increasing demand for frozen/chilled foods, beverages and dry foods, especially in emerging economies. The major users of the solutions include food & beverage sector, e-commerce, pharma and household goods.
2. The companies are also investing rigorously in recyclable folding cartons to offer sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, thereby tapping a wide array of potential consumers.
3. Additionally, to gain consumer attention and drive demand, laminated and printed cartons with graphics and well-designed labels has been a focus area for food and beverage manufacturers.
4. Moreover, emerging economies like India & China are leading the way to rise in online grocery shopping among Asian countries. This growth in the online grocery shopping corresponds with ongoing coronavirus pandemic further spurring e-commerce activity.

Packaging companies that serve more resilient sectors are likely to do well in the current pandemic situation, with stockpiling, changing consumer behaviour and government measures likely to lead to an increased demand for certain products such as groceries, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce are expected to witness a steep increase.

To capitalise on this growth, it is imperative for folding carton and paper packaging companies to become a part of business platforms like exhibitions. India Folding Carton 2020 is a perfect marketplace to showcase your latest range of products, solutions and technologies covering an entire value chain of paper packaging industry.

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