• 23-24-25 October, 2021
  • India Expo Mart, Gr Noida, Delhi - NCR

Coca-Cola launches eco-friendly paperboard-based rings for multipack cans

As per reports, Coca-Cola has announced the introduction of CanCollar, a paperboard packaging solution, for multipack cans in Spain. Initially, CCEP will launch the new, PEFC certified recyclable and “sustainably sourced” solution in the Balearic Islands in November 2020 as a replacement for its current Hi-cone product. CanCollar is manufactured via a process that does not require the use of glue or adhesives.

Through collaboration with packaging provider WestRock, the company projects that its new solution will save more than 18 tonnes of plastic annually and has invested €2.6 million in its Barcelona plant in order to support the initiative.

With rising concerns around plastics pollution, many global brands are switching to sustainable options and cutting down the usage of plastics. This move exemplifies Coca-Cola’s commitment to reduce plastic in their secondary packaging. Presently, paper and paperboard is garnering huge demand in the packaging market owing to their recyclable feature.

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