• 23-24-25 October, 2021
  • India Expo Mart, Gr Noida, Delhi - NCR

Ranpak announces launch of PadPak® Guardian™ next generation cushioning solution

Ranpak is a global leader in sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains. According to reports, they announced the North American launch of PadPak® Guardian™, company’s next generation cushioning solution.

It is a sustainable, paper-based, flexible and ergonomic cushioning solution that reduces packaging time and protects light to heavy goods during shipment. PadPak® Guardian™ is differentiated from other solutions in the market by the ability to convert both single and double™-ply paper bundles, offering businesses greater versatility from one machine and providing a high performance, sustainable alternative to plastic and foam cushioning.

The technology produces pads that provides cushioning to both light and heavy items such as electronics, cosmetics, fragile goods and industrial parts. From automotive to e-commerce, PadPak® Guardian™ is suited to almost any packaging environment thanks to its ability to produce pads that offer strength or flexibility, depending upon what’s required.

With environmental concerns rising across sectors, this product will play a pivotal role in supporting sustainability efforts and reduce plastics pollution as well.

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