• 23-24-25 October, 2021
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What makes corrugated boxes the next packaging choice?

Earlier corrugated boxes were only used to store goods. Over a period of time and with the evolution of technology, corrugated boxes have turned out to be the ultimate packaging choice owing to several advantages.

Brands are using corrugated boxes as a canvas for creativity. Digital printing on corrugated has made it possible for the industry to push the limits on colour and graphic design. Presently, brands are using corrugated packages to display products, highlight ingredients, and share nutrition information as well as sell the product with the use of latest advancements in printing technology.

The corrugated box are also unique as they offer a sustainable solution to packaging sector. With the use of new technologies, suppliers can manufacture boxes that cut down the amount of fiber used and/or the square footage of the box, while still protecting and preserving produce. Sustainability can be encouraged with the use of boxes that are right-sized, right-weight and designed with performance. Green solutions in packaging are projected to drive growth in the sector and corrugated boxes are set to play a pivotal role in driving sustainability.

Moreover, with the increased use of vivid graphics, customisation in corrugated packaging is going to increase in the near future further bolstering growth. Furthermore, industry is also trying to overcome the shortcomings of corrugated boxes such as cold chain challenges for packaging ice-packed and hydro-packed produce.

In the wake of these challenges, new technologies and solutions are being introduced to make corrugated packaging the packaging of the future.

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