• 23-24-25 October, 2021
  • India Expo Mart, Gr Noida, Delhi - NCR

Mondi introduces AegisPaper – a new range of recyclable barrier papers

Mondi is a leading company in paper and packaging and recently, they have launched a new recyclable functional barrier paper to drive sustainability. The new product has been designed with protection in mind, this range of certified recyclable barrier paper solutions is fully integrated across Mondi's value chain-from paper production to the barrier application-and can run on existing filling lines for form-fill-and-seal (FFS) applications.

Mondi's AegisPaper range reduces the amount of plastic used by replacing it with a renewable resource that has specific mechanical properties, such as puncture resistance, flexibility, printability and barrier protection. The coatings technologies applied to these papers create custom barriers against grease and water vapour and ensure sealability.

Further, AegisPaper are useful for numerous packaging application such as dry food, frozen food, pet food, confectionery, secondary packaging, toy, e-commerce, flower packaging, and DIY industries.

In a first step, Mondi's collaboration with a European dry pasta producer will reduce the plastic used by 90% and save them 7,5 tonnes of plastic film per year for one of their product ranges. With the arrival of barrier paper, plastic packaging can been replaced for FMCG and consumer products. This is a breakthrough when it comes to sustainable packaging solutions.

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