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Numerous benefits of stone paper to influence its faster adoption in packaging sector

“The global stone paper market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2030, according to market research report.”

There are multiple factors influencing the global stone paper market growth. One of the most significant factor is rising demand for eco-friendly items in the packaging industry and measures to prevent deforestation. Further, stone paper is popularly adopted in the flexible packaging industry such as FMCG and food & beverage industry. The rapid use of stone paper is attributed to its long-term sustainability and aesthetic qualities.

Furthermore, to diversify revenue and enhance growth, stone paper stone paper manufacturers are expanding their supply chains so as to include side gussets, stand-up pouches, and heavy-duty containers. In addition, stone paper’s sustainable and eco-friendly features enable in reducing manufacturing waste along with enhancing customer satisfaction, which is fostering growth in the market.

Key market growth drivers of stone paper market

1. Stone paper is mostly made up of recycled materials with a polyethylene binder, a substance that is less harmful to the environment. Moreover, they are popular due to high durability and resistance to flame.
2. Stone paper is gaining popularity within the packaging industry due to its special formulation, which provides outstanding oil resistance, water resistance, and tear resistance.
3. In countries like Europe, increased political pressure and rising environmental concern is giving impetus to substitution of single-use plastic-based items with paper-based alternatives.

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