• 23-24-25 October, 2021
  • India Expo Mart, Gr Noida, Delhi - NCR

Interview with Mark Engineering Services

1. As e-commerce demand surges and consumers continue to shop online at a record-setting pace, companies are looking for sustainable packaging solutions. How is this going to affect the packaging industry?

There will be huge demand and increase in good quality corrugated boxes, all over India. This leads to capacity expansion & new corrugated box making plant to be coming up in next 1-3 year time period.

2. Recently, cost of Kraft paper has risen dramatically. How is this change impacting corrugated box industries in India?

Since the demand of Kraft paper in China has increased, suddenly, lot of Kraft paper making mills are coming up. We hope that an upcoming paper mill shall be operational at full capacity, this will maintain price for Kraft paper at upper level and the waste paper price as well.

3. With sustainability being the way forward paper packaging is gaining momentum, can you elaborate more about the expected growth in the sector?

Corrugated boxes sets – paper would be growing very fast and shall be very close to double digit growth figure.

4. What are your expansion plans and have you launched any new products/technologies recently to meet the rising packaging demand?

We are a technical consultancy services for boilers and utilities. We are also expanding our team. Very soon a dedicated engineer shall be looking after the segment of paper and paper derivative industries.

5. India is pushing the ‘Make in India’ scheme to boost domestic manufacturing. Local manufacturers are positioned to benefit from the same. What are your thoughts on the same?

We strongly believe to make Indian products more competitive for international market to making it materialise we help industries to reducing “Heating cost” of production & “Best Quality Products. Since last 17 years, we continue to provide such services & are committed to do so for a long term.

6. From fast-fashion companies to food delivery companies, adoption of paper packaging is on the rise. Recyclability being at core of the process, how do you see other packaging solutions evolving in the near future?

Recyclability of packager material is standard philosophy for paper industries, used corrugated boxes are effectively being recycled back by paper mills as waste paper. Recycling non paper products has also started and shall make entire country plastic free or reversible -100% in coming year. This will be help environment & industry to sustain for decades to come.

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