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Four key points to consider while choosing the right Folding Carton for your packaging needs

When it comes to marketing a product, packaging is everything. The first thing which attracts consumers is an attractive packaging. Folding cartons allow for maximum customizability when it comes to showing off your brand.

To discover the right one - First and foremost you need to zero on your packaging needs. This is the most important step when it comes to finding the perfect solutions for packaging. For instance, if you are looking to pack cosmetic products, electronics, food, beverages among others, there are various custom-made solutions available for your specific needs. Nonetheless, there are several factors that play an important role in choosing the perfect fit. Scroll down to learn about these:

  • Manufacturing. It revolves around the basic fact such as how does packaging fit into your manufacturing and fulfillment processes? The packaging design needs would vary depending on the folding carton manufacturer that you use considering whether the products are produced by hand or automated assistance.
  • Shipping. What is your preferred shipping method and how many units do you need to include in a single shipment to meet the demands of your distributors/retailers? The answers to these questions will have a major impact on the type of packaging you choose.
  • Shelving. What is your take at the presentation on the shelf-racks? This is one of the most important factor to consider, as it will determine your packaging solution and will reflect your brand the way you want it.
  • Budget. Another important factor is cost of the packaging. All other considerations must produce a packaging choice that falls within your production budget.

To find a wide variety of products under one roof, tradeshows are the most coveted space to be at. An array of products, solutions and innovations will be on display from manufacturers to dealers of pre-press equipment, carton making machinery, printing machinery and post-print equipment at India Folding Carton - unique show with special focus on the folding carton industry.

Be there to witness the extravaganza from 30 Sep to 2 Oct at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai!

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