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How important is Cardboard Compression Testing?

We tend to take cardboard packaging for granted, despite its increasing importance in our everyday lives. With the advent of online shopping, more and more of our purchases are shipped to our homes inside cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes. Despite the simplicity of this packaging, we expect that our purchases will arrive at our doorsteps completely intact and operational. For this reason, cardboard box manufacturers invest in material testing equipment to evaluate several properties relating to the strength and durability of their products.

Online retailers source their boxes from multiple global companies with the expectation that the product quality will be consistent and dependable across vendors. It is critical that packaging meet these expectations; the sheer volume of packages being sent by these companies means that even a 0.01% failure rate could result in tens of millions of dollars in lost sales due to returns.

Considering the massive scale of the corrugated cardboard industry, great emphasis is placed on product quality and conformance testing. Most of this testing is performed on universal testing machines that apply compressive forces to specimens in order to obtain a complete mechanical profile of the material or finished product. Ultimately, there is low opportunity for differentiation among the largest manufacturers, meaning product quality is the key to business growth.

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