• 22 - 25 July 2022
  • Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Automation - A key to survive future disruptions in manufacturing

There is no sector or business, which has been able to escape the impact of the current global pandemic. Every business has suffered and has encountered weaknesses that were not known before. Most important of them being, shortage of skilled labour due to COVID-19 and the new normal of social distancing.

To address this, companies emerging from this crisis will shift in new direction from their current state. Businesses across nation will keep going forward from recovering cash and operations, to identifying and mitigating medium and long term risks to become more resilient, and building a robust platform for sustainable growth in the future.

Automation and robotics will play a key role in addressing the current issues and surviving any future crisis. However, automation requires a big capital investment, nonetheless, standardised robotic solutions present a more affordable option to small-to-medium size businesses when compared with customised solutions.

In the current scenario, automation is not only reserved for big manufacturers. For example, end-of-line robotic palletising is no longer a highly specialised solution. Innovative and compact palletising machines cost half as much as customised solutions making them ideal for smaller operations. They are called collaborative palletising systems because operators can work alongside the robot on one side of the line without any safety concerns. The implementation of robotics and automation within companies operation along with their workforce will help them grow and survive any kind of disruption.

It might also help in creating more jobs as it would make companies more competitive and innovative. If we consider long term, the pandemic is certainly going to make companies rethink and invest more in automation and robotics. The current crisis is a perfect example as to why companies should invest in automation for the long term!

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