• 22 - 25 July 2022
  • Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

3 emerging market trends in metal fabrication industry

Earlier, metal fabrication industry was simple involving processes like cutting, welding, machining, and assembly for creating the final product. However, presently, the market is highly dynamic with its growth depending on the end-user industries such as aerospace, automotive and construction. Due to expanding and changing consumer base and demand patterns, key top trends are gaining prominence in the metal fabrication industry.

 Trends in the metal fabrication industry

  1. 1. Automation:Automation is the future, and amid COVID-19 pandemic it is going to play a pivotal role in propelling future growth in manufacturing. In metal fabrication industry also, automation is bringing about many important changes such as simplifying the act of cutting and bending sheet metal hence, shortening the overall operations and improving the order-to-ship cycles. Furthermore, automation has enabled manufacturers to cut metals without human supervision for days at a stretch and consequently save metal fabricators a large sum of money spent on manpower.

  2. 2. Industry 4.0: Industry 4.0 or IoT, is going to the emerging trend, which will have a significant impact on the tooling and fabricating equipment, as it relates to the flow of information to machine tools and engineers/operators. Smart tooling is anticipated to provide real-time feedback about problems, such as vibration, and send alerts to the engineer.

  3. 3. 3D printing: 3D printing technology is fairly new, however, gaining momentum in the manufacturing industry to make product prototypes. In the metal industry also, more and more metal fabrication companies are planning to invest in 3D printing technology to create simple and sophisticated tools and structures. Metal 3D printing differs from conventional steel fabrication processes as it involves the stamping of metals to produce a required design.

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