• 22 - 25 July 2022
  • Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Interview with Mr Abhijith Bhat, Business Development Manager

1.   Tell us about your company and products?

Manleo was founded in 1998, and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. We indigenously design, develop and manufacture 3D Datum Finder & 3D Tool Setters that are used in CNC, VMC & HMC operations. Our probes help in reducing offset measuring time by 70%, while giving 1-2-micron accuracy vs 30-50 microns in a conventional method, thereby having double benefit of increasing productivity and accuracy (reducing job rejections, rework and scrap). Typical payback period is within 2-3 months of purchase and they have multiple industry application within the manufacturing sector like Textiles, Aerospace, Defence, Pharma, Die & moulds, Steel, medical equipment that require high precision. Our mission is to improve quality of precision machine tools, while making it safer, easier for operators and delivering higher profitability for organizations (www.manleo.com)

2.   How do tradeshows like AMTEX help in enabling the industry growth?

Tradeshows are an excellent platform to showcase our products across a wide range of industry stakeholders, network with prospective channel partners, OEMs, directly have an interface with customers. Given AMTEX has international participation and presence, it further creates perfect brand building and global positioning opportunity for us.

3.   How do you plan to go forward in the post-corona world?

Post-corona world we feel two things are of utmost importance. One is use virtual connects, social media & digital marketing to connect with stakeholders in the ecosystem be it customers, channel partners and OEMs across the word. Second is rapid and innovative product development that proactively taps into industry needs. Manleo is already doing both of these and for AMTEX 2021, we will come with a wider Product portfolio that has a single objective of helping to achieve greatest precision at affordable investment, such that we contribute to taking Indian manufacturing to the next level in terms of precision and quality.

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