• 22 - 25 July 2022
  • Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Interview with Mr Manish Moudgill, Director, Raashika Industries Pvt. Ltd.

1. How do platforms like AMTEX help in enabling the industry growth?

AMTEX is going to great lengths on spreading awareness about the genuine industry that is there even at times like we are in today. Such platforms are very important for our industry as a whole to enable it to gain bandwidth and visibility among the targeted audience it intends to reach out with minimum efforts on its part. AMTEX is doing all ground work for such industry who wants to be seen and reach its right clientele.

2. In the recent news -B2B exhibitions are permitted. What’s your take on this?

B2B exhibitions are a great source of business and visibility to the industry as B2B always attract the serious and targeted buyer who has fixed agenda and intentions to look for and source the products that are on his wish list and B2B exhibition is the only suitable way to achieve that. Also, it direct advertisement and display for the industry to gain traction to its right audience. It’s the most successful way to increase sales. Though times are difficult, but we still appreciate the government’s decision on allowing B2B Exhibitions, as the industry has to start re-building itself after the severe setback it has faced in the last few months. Although we vote for it but with extreme caution and strict COVID-19 protocols to be followed and adhered to.

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