• 25-27 August 2022
  • Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Health Gadgets records higher sales during lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a sense of health awareness and anxiety, which is energizing a new category of health tech. Fitness-tracking gadgets are selling out, home exercise classes have never been more popular and industrial robot designers are pivoting to making sanitation bots. The fear of corona has accelerated the adoption of apps and wearables as a means to feel better protected. Users, insurers and health-care providers are all seeing the benefit of health gadgets, in a shift expected to persist long after the outbreak subsides. That’s galvanizing the development of new devices by startups and gadget outfits in Asia, where the novel coronavirus first struck and consumers are known to be early adopters.

The demand for Contactless thermometer, Oximeter, heart beat/pulse rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, touch-less biometric ID solutions — facial, vein and iris scanning, robotic equipment, fitness-tracking devices has risen in multi-folds.

This has opened up many opportunities and made many of the manufacturers shift their focus from routine gadgets to health gadgets. The Covid-19 pandemic will have long-lasting impact on the consumer behaviour and choices.

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