• 25-27 August 2022
  • Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Household gift items to grow in India

In India, gifting is part of our culture, heritage, and social customs. Be it business or personal occasions, we are truly passionate about giving and receiving gifts.

According to Technopak, “The total size of the Indian gifting industry is about Rs 250,000 crore.”

Increased marketing activities by leading brands coupled with personalization and customization in gift products are some of the biggest drivers. Creative packaging, personalized notes, boxes with special engravings all contribute to a seamless buying experience and have significantly boosted the country's gifting market.

The affluent lifestyle and influence of social media have a huge impact on unconventional gifting. In fact, high-income segments are projected to grow three-fold to 197 million households by 2030. There is an emergence of new players, challenges, and innovation.

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