• 25-27 August 2022
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5 Thoughtful gifting ideas in COVID times

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly exposed us to the harsh realities of being locked in our houses and self-isolation. However, as humans we adapted to the ‘new normal’ and started relying on our hobbies and interests to move forward in these challenging times. Gifting has been an essential part of our lives however, with the ongoing pandemic it is more important that we receive and gift thoughtful gifts, which will cheer up our friends, family and loved ones. Earlier, we used to go out and shop from brick and mortar stores where choices were abundant.

With social distancing in place, online shopping platforms are a good choice to find interesting and coveted gifts amid the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s find out more about some of these thoughtful gifts, which are easily available online.

Potted plants - Flowers, as we all know, are one of the most cherished and attractive gift options but we can go further ahead and opt for potted plants such are dwarf date palm, spider plant and rubber plants, which are natural air purifiers.

Oven - Many of us have developed new hobbies like baking during lockdown. Help your loved ones hone her/his baking skills by gifting a modern oven available in the market. This will definitely make them happy and excited in these grim times.

Masks - Yes, we never thought that we would ever consider gifting masks to one another. In the new normal, this is going to be one of the most essential gifts. Various masks with different designs and patterns are available with beautiful embroidery and prints. Choose the mask which resonates with your friend’s style.

Herbal Teas - Indians love tea, however, with time we are getting conscious about our health and wellness. Green tea is one of the most popular tea. Choose a gift pack of assorted teas and make your closed ones happier and healthier.

Gift Cards - Another very important and cherished option is Gift Card. With online shopping gaining momentum in corona times, Gift Cards are one of the most sought after gift items. Your loved one can buy whatever they need using these gift cards.

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