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3 Corporate gifting trends in 2021

In the covid-19 era, people across nations struggled to adapt to the new normal of working from home. With remote working trending everywhere, companies started offering their employees useful products such as ergonomic chairs and tables to enable the transition. The continued WFH routine took its toll on the people, with many of them experiencing loneliness and isolation. Gifting played a crucial role and will continue to do so in 2021 as well. Here are top three trending corporate gifts, which will help boost enthusiasm and enhance productivity of employees.

Personalised Gifting
In a more generic term, personalisation means getting people’s or companies names on mugs, plates and diaries. This is one of the most common gift choice available, however, in 2021, it is more important to choose the ‘right gift for the right person’. Personalisation in 2021 will have a different meaning, in a way people are going to love the gifts that you specifically choose for them and feel appreciated because what you are sending is exactly what they need at the time.

Self-Care Gifting
Working from home can create a monotony in life. With no co-workers around and same daily routine can make employees face burn out. At this point, self-care routine becomes extremely crucial. Also, due to fast-paced working style many employees are stressed. In view of the same, products such as essential oil blend, message tool or a comfort cushion can boost the immune system but also make people calm as well as result in delivering more productive performances.

Gift Cards
Gift cards are one of the most popular corporate gifting items in the COVID-19 era. This is probably because of the flexibility gift card offers and enables receivers to buy whatever they want. Gift cards are going to gain more popularity and grow further due to their flexibility and availability of wide range of offers.

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